Friday, May 16, 2014

Perfect timing....

In my work, I have to deal with quite a few men from the Middle East.  Most are young, most are rich, most are right off the airplane and are fairly used to be kowtowed to, especially by women.  Those of you who have met me might have gotten the idea that kowtowing is not-so-much in my nature.  So, when these young men get rather insistent about having their way, I'm usually called on to put a stop to it. 

Usually after the men in question coming up with 3-5 minutes' worth of permutations on a theme and me just saying no and/or telling them why the answer is no, then they will go away. 

Some of them I think are kind of turned on by being told no since it's unusual for them to be denied something they want--turned on as in "if you did not smell of bacon, infidel, I would make you my third wife" kind of turned on. 

Most are just slightly pissed off that they didn't get their way.  A couple get kind of scarily pissed off.  And I work someplace where I'm not supposed to be even carrying a pocket knife.  Today was scary pissed off guy--dude was not right, like rabid dog not right.

I was holding my ground when he was insisting to see one of my staff members (like I would let that happen), but it was escalating and there wasn't much I could do to bring it back down.  Fortunately another customer, in his Army combat uniform (minus helmet) came in bringing some paperwork.  Scary pissed off guy looked at him sideways, shut his mouth, and slunk out.  As I let out a deep breath, Army guy caught my eye, smiled and said "Guess I came in at the right time."   I just smiled back and agreed.  Nothing more needed to be said.

Timing is sometimes everything in this world.


Keads said...

Indeed. Timing can be everything. So can being lucky. I don't discount either.

Monkeywrangler said...

Nice to see that angels still appear at times where they're needed! :-)

Midwest Chick said...

Keads: I don't discount luck either, especially when things like that happen.

Monkey: Absolutely. Angels in camo. Funny thing was that my angel didn't even so much as glance or acknowledge rabid-boy but RB took off anyway.