Friday, May 2, 2014

Knives, knives, and more knives

The NRA convention had more than just guns, there were also knives.  I've been an avid collector for years--it wasn't Blade Show (or even Blade Forums), but there were enough sharp pointys to make me happy.

Firstly,  TOPS Knives.  The folks that bring you a knife called 'the Devil's Elbow'.  That said, they do make some nice blades and their stock sheaths really rock with a belt clip that allows carry in a bunch of different ways.  I treated myself to a Ranger's Edge, which has a nice commentary by Kim Breed, a fantastic knifemaker (I own three knives made by him as well).

Secondly, Hogue Knives.  Hogue is best known for their grips, but they have been working with Allen Elishewitz on their folder series.  I carry a Hogue EX 04 with an upswept blade--not an Elishewitz custom, but a good and affordable substitute.  Good, smooth, manual action--solid construction.  This is a knife for heavy duty, plus it's got a button lock, which I like.  I stopped by to look at their new fixed blade, the EX-F02 which is going to be a real nice addition to the collection.

Thirdly, Benchmade--I carry a Benchmade pocket knife (yes I generally carry two, but with the speed assist, this one is perfect for off-hand carry).  I have gotten hooked on the Axis Lock and speed assist since they facilitate one-handed closing and a quick open.  I'm not a fan of liner locks since it always seems to me to be counterintuitive to put my digits in front of a blade on purpose--I'm a little too accident prone to make that a happy thing.  Mr B has always been a SOG fan, but found a Benchmade that he liked so I was able to treat him to a late birthday present.

Lastly, but not least, Mr B returned the favor by treating me to a a couple of items that he bought at A.G. Russell on Friday--the Odin's Eye and the Sting3.  We found out on Sunday that they were also treating folks to the Odin's Eye knife and definitely took advantage to pick a couple more up as gifts.   And yeee-rah, that Odin's Eye is wicked sharp.  It is a self-defense push knife, but it also works great to open envelopes or for EDC--I have one on my keychain.  But it'll cut air.  I look forward to both the A.G. Russell catalog and their weekly emails with specials.

The Benchmade guy recognized my Emissary as one that is no longer made.  The TOPS guy I think were a bit taken aback by my smile when I picked up the Ranger's Edge.  Mr B had a chance to talk with Mr Russell himself for a little while--both he and his wife are very interesting and chock full of good stories.  All in all, some very nice blades and it was nice to talk with the folks at each booth. 


Don said...

I picked up a Becker KT/Ka-Bar camp knife that amounts to a very sharp pry bar/kettlebell; it was just too good a deal to pass up.

Matt offended the guy at the Emerson booth a little, though. They were both trying to talk me into a folder with a "wave," (didn't really get me, 'cause I don't really get the big deal, personally) and he mentioned opening an envelope or something. Emerson Guy explained that Emerson Knives are not for envelopes or apples, but are to be used tactically to stab faces in the gravest extreme.
"Yeah . . . I guess I'm out, then," Matt replied. "'Cause that's what my knives get used for most of the time."
"Well . . . . ." Emerson Guy allowed, "I mean . . . . I don't want you to think you *can't* slice an apple with one of these. It's just not what they're designed for."

We parted as friends.
(I actually typed, "we parted friends," but somehow I couldn't get the image right that way.)

Monkeywrangler said...

With Texas finally allowing carry of auto knives I thought I needed one. but I eventually decided a fixed blade was a better off-side compliment to my Spyderco PM2. I went with the Spyderco Perrin Street Beat. So far, since Christmas, only one NKP, the mammogram tech was spooked by it being on my belt. I'd forgotten it was there, and she spotted it. Oops.

Old NFO said...

Very nice! And knives DO give one a sense of security when 'other' means are not available... :-)

Midwest Chick said...

Don: Emerson makes some really good knives, but I think they are starting to believe their own 'tacticool' press. The wave feature is nice for quick deployment and one handed opening, but it takes practice (and proper pocket placement), just like anything else does. They licensed the wave to Spyderco and I think the Spyderco version is a little better.

Parting friends in the context of a knife discussion just leads to a whole bunch of weird and possibly disturbing mental pictures. ;-)

Monkey: I really like fixed blades better, but for some reason, they just wig people's s***. Not sure why because the blades on some of my folders are a lot bigger.

NFO: It helps that I've actually done some training and intend to do more as the opportunity arises. And I can carry a knife into a lot of situations where other means are verboten. :-)