Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Good friends' good news!

Both Brigid and Old NFO posted some good news in the last couple of days. 

Yesterday, Brigid met her new Lab Partner, Abby.  Welcome to the family Miss Abby!  Can't wait for you to visit!

This morning, Old NFO had his 7th Blogoversary!  I'm sure glad he decided to start blogging because otherwise we might never have met!  Just as an idea, everybody who hasn't done so already should buy his book to as a Blogoversary gift!  The Amazon link is here.


Brigid said...

One of the reasons I selected to meet Abby over some of the other dogs (it wasn't just the name) was that she got on well with cats as some of the other dogs didn't. And you seem to have a couple :-)

We look forward to a visit. Since she was used to being crated, I moved the chair out from under the little townhouse "desk" that people put their computers on, and put a big poofy blanket underneath, and she immediately went there, her own open ended "den", where she can watch me type away, from the dining room table I prefer to that little space.

Keads said...

Very good news!

Old NFO said...

Thank you, thank you... :-)

Midwest Chick said...

Brigid: It'll be fun!

Keads: Indeed.

NFO: Great book and great achievement--sticking with blogging is tough as I've learned!

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