Saturday, May 31, 2014

Now serving spaghetti...

Spaghetti westerns, that is.  Murphy's Law has the opening scene from Once Upon a Time in the West, a Sergio Leone classic.  My contribution is from A Fistful of Dollars....

Aim for the heart Ramon....

Friday, May 30, 2014

How a lot of people are feeling lately...

Talking with a lot of folks, things are troubled.  Not politically (completely), but on a personal level--health issues, personal issues, work, family....  Most folks are feeling like this:

Or like this:

I'm not quite sure just what's causing the disturbance in the Force, but dang, there's something going on.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In lieu of content, I present to you, cats....

All Bob is lacking in this picture is a beer:

And yes, this one is as cute all of the time as he is here.  I refer to him as Nermal...

Monday, May 26, 2014


Today is a day that is not about hot dogs and cookouts, but is instead about remembrances.  Today is the day when we remember those who gave their lives and who give their service to this country and to the ideals of freedom. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Well that explains a lot....

Chelsea Clinton, the quintessential Senator's daughter, exhorted students in California to use their anger to change the world. 

So where have I heard that before.......

No wonder liberals are the way they are, if Chelsea's speech is any indication.  Think I'll stick with Yoda:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weather in all its majesty.....

Okay, this is way cool.  I can't imagine being on the Plains in a wagon or sod hut watching something like this coming my way....

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Excuse me, I speak politician....

Uncle Jay has this quote from Hillary Clinton regarding John Kerry taking over as Secretary of State and policy towards Iran:
“When I left as secretary and passed the baton on to Secretary Kerry, we were positioned to really explore whether we had set the table well enough to see changes that were sufficient to meet our legitimate objections to Iran’s behavior and its future plans,” Clinton said, referring to her successor, John F. Kerry.. 
As near as I can figure it means:
"We're hoping that our policy towards Iran is set in stone as much as it could be to avoid Kerry fucking it up."
I think they seriously underestimated his ability to fuck this up as well as things all over the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Korea, however.  But the convoluted verbiage reminded me of this:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tilting at windmills, in a literal sense

With all of the bird and other animal kills that are caused by these things, in a sane world, we could just take them down, call it a day, and find something that actually works.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Feared through-out the land....

Murphy's Law went flying.  He takes really great pictures, but all he had to do was say "Right turn Clyde".  Which led me to this video.....

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Knife Pron on Steroids

Via Say Uncle:  An article about knives--big knives, bad knives.  It has some good reasoning regarding the usefulness of fixed blades vs folders.  It doesn't go into how the general populace considers fixed blades of pretty much any size to be ZOMG!  Scary!, but does go into the usefulness of different sizes, blade shape, etc.  The comments have some good information as well so read the whole thing....  I don't agree with him about kydex being the perfect sheath material--I really prefer leather.

Below is my next purchase.   It's a lot larger than most of the knives I buy.  It was one of those that I should have gotten at the NRA convention and didn't.  No harm, no foul on the price, but I have to wait a little bit for it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Perfect timing....

In my work, I have to deal with quite a few men from the Middle East.  Most are young, most are rich, most are right off the airplane and are fairly used to be kowtowed to, especially by women.  Those of you who have met me might have gotten the idea that kowtowing is not-so-much in my nature.  So, when these young men get rather insistent about having their way, I'm usually called on to put a stop to it. 

Usually after the men in question coming up with 3-5 minutes' worth of permutations on a theme and me just saying no and/or telling them why the answer is no, then they will go away. 

Some of them I think are kind of turned on by being told no since it's unusual for them to be denied something they want--turned on as in "if you did not smell of bacon, infidel, I would make you my third wife" kind of turned on. 

Most are just slightly pissed off that they didn't get their way.  A couple get kind of scarily pissed off.  And I work someplace where I'm not supposed to be even carrying a pocket knife.  Today was scary pissed off guy--dude was not right, like rabid dog not right.

I was holding my ground when he was insisting to see one of my staff members (like I would let that happen), but it was escalating and there wasn't much I could do to bring it back down.  Fortunately another customer, in his Army combat uniform (minus helmet) came in bringing some paperwork.  Scary pissed off guy looked at him sideways, shut his mouth, and slunk out.  As I let out a deep breath, Army guy caught my eye, smiled and said "Guess I came in at the right time."   I just smiled back and agreed.  Nothing more needed to be said.

Timing is sometimes everything in this world.

Happy Birthday to Smokey Bear

Via Chas.  Smokey Bear turns 70 this year. 

Chas comments that he dressed as Smokey back when he was a kid--would love to see a picture of THAT!

Some history:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Collings Foundation

In addition to the three WWII-era planes the Collings Foundation takes around the United States, they also have Vietnam-era planes.  Old NFO has a great video and tribute.  Got awfully dusty in the house all of a sudden.  Go over there and watch the video.

Then go to the Collings Foundation website and see when they might be coming to your area.  Get out there and help support what they do.  They keep the memories alive.  A short ride in a B-24 was absolutely life-changing for me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pointed sticks, fruit, and firearms

Og attended a presentation regarding attackers who are armed with knives.  Interesting factoid:  10% of gun wounds are fatal, 30% of knife wounds are.  Knives are just a bit more integrated into homo sapiens and more intuitive to use.   He points out that they are like sharp sticks.

Brought the below to mind.... 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Plus and minus

Well, on the minus side, my balance sucks.  So if I'm standing on a piece of metal that Mr B is trying to put a bolt and nut on, and it shifts, even his Wolverine-like reflexes aren't enough to get his finger all the way out before it hits like a guillotine, with my full weight on it.  Plus side, this time it was merely a flesh wound unlike the wood splitter incident (I will not go into details on that one).

Plus, plus side, it seems I'm a natural at running a drill press with a little expert coaching.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to deal with Boko Haram

Larry Correia has a great piece up regarding the Pout-Fest hashtags that liberals seem to think are actual legitimate substitutions for action.  As Insty would say, read the whole thing.

For myself, I take the below as how negotiations should take place with those shit-bags.

Amazing how those girls might still be safe if Hillary Clinton and the State Department had put them on the terrorist list a couple of years ago when it was requested by the CIA, the FBI, and by members of Congress after Boko Haram bombed one of the U.N. Headquarters in Abuja.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Time in a seat does not necessarily equal quality

If, just once more, someone tells me that they've been doing something for 20 years, holding that number up like a Talisman of Quality, when I've been fixing their fuckups for the last loooong while because they hold onto bad processes and refuse to either learn or listen, I am going to punch them in the head. 

Twenty years in the same position just means that you were neither bad enough to get fired nor good enough to promoted and does not give you the wherewithal to pull attitude.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Good friends' good news!

Both Brigid and Old NFO posted some good news in the last couple of days. 

Yesterday, Brigid met her new Lab Partner, Abby.  Welcome to the family Miss Abby!  Can't wait for you to visit!

This morning, Old NFO had his 7th Blogoversary!  I'm sure glad he decided to start blogging because otherwise we might never have met!  Just as an idea, everybody who hasn't done so already should buy his book to as a Blogoversary gift!  The Amazon link is here.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Old School May Celebration

Spring celebrations are part of a lot of cultures--most of them revolve around the Vernal Equinox (Norruz or Nowruz in the Persian/Zoroastrian culture; Shunbun no hi or Shunki kōrei-sai during the higan time in Japan; Easter in the Western world.  Something that's particularly Western/British Isles though are the May fertility celebrations.  All political co-option aside, the beginning of May was/is the Spring celebration in Britain.

Andy Letcher posted some pics from the Dartmoor May celebration with some good commentary.  Go and take a look.


PS:  Happy anniversary to my sister and her husband!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Interesting weekend so far....

Mr. B is having to put in a lot of hours this weekend, so I've been kickin' around and doing little things around the house.  I've got several kinds of bird feeders and yesterday all I was lacking was the Disney soundtrack--orioles, catbirds, several kinds of sparrows, bluejays, three kinds of woodpecker, goldfinches, cardinals--throw in a really large rabbit, a woodchuck down by the woods, some squirrels, and several chipmunks chasing each other around the poles and we were one unicorn away from absolutely perfect.

Our local Jehovah's Witnesses stopped by too, they had a friend's car, but know to make a lot of noise coming up to the house.  They are nice people.  As I've said before, I have no issue with someone who truly walks their talk--it's hypocrisy that chaps my butt. 

They don't preach, just throw something out for discussion--this time it was prayer.  Think I surprised them on this one because I have thought about prayer and connections to the Divine a lot.  I would guarantee I came to my conclusions from a complete different direction than they did, but from what they said, we got to the same place.  Interesting, that. 

Truly, most of the time, we talked about the manual/paddle shift vs automatic on the Subaru and the NRA convention and what I experienced there though.  We all preach it in our own ways......  ;-)

The only bad part of the evening (aside from not being able to spend it with Mr B) was the robo-calls (plural) from one candidate for County Commissioner (primaries are Tuesday).   Between those and the insipid tripe that we received in the mail, he can kiss my ass.

The rest of the evening was spent with the NRA program going to different websites for companies that piqued my interest.  AND I found the knife sheaths that were driving me nuts since I couldn't remember where I'd seen them--turns out they were Hogue sheaths-- they also have bayonet pouches, BTW.

Gotta get some other stuff done today, but NASCAR Sprint Cup is also running at Talladega this afternoon so the TV will be on.  Hoping it will be a good race!  :-)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Musical interlude

It's been awhile since I've blogged more than one day in a row so I'm going easy today-can't go wrong with an interesting video.....  Push the Pull Door had a Jonathan Coulton song up which led me to this one, which is just wrong on so many levels--listen closely.....  Sorry in advance for the earworm.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Knives, knives, and more knives

The NRA convention had more than just guns, there were also knives.  I've been an avid collector for years--it wasn't Blade Show (or even Blade Forums), but there were enough sharp pointys to make me happy.

Firstly,  TOPS Knives.  The folks that bring you a knife called 'the Devil's Elbow'.  That said, they do make some nice blades and their stock sheaths really rock with a belt clip that allows carry in a bunch of different ways.  I treated myself to a Ranger's Edge, which has a nice commentary by Kim Breed, a fantastic knifemaker (I own three knives made by him as well).

Secondly, Hogue Knives.  Hogue is best known for their grips, but they have been working with Allen Elishewitz on their folder series.  I carry a Hogue EX 04 with an upswept blade--not an Elishewitz custom, but a good and affordable substitute.  Good, smooth, manual action--solid construction.  This is a knife for heavy duty, plus it's got a button lock, which I like.  I stopped by to look at their new fixed blade, the EX-F02 which is going to be a real nice addition to the collection.

Thirdly, Benchmade--I carry a Benchmade pocket knife (yes I generally carry two, but with the speed assist, this one is perfect for off-hand carry).  I have gotten hooked on the Axis Lock and speed assist since they facilitate one-handed closing and a quick open.  I'm not a fan of liner locks since it always seems to me to be counterintuitive to put my digits in front of a blade on purpose--I'm a little too accident prone to make that a happy thing.  Mr B has always been a SOG fan, but found a Benchmade that he liked so I was able to treat him to a late birthday present.

Lastly, but not least, Mr B returned the favor by treating me to a a couple of items that he bought at A.G. Russell on Friday--the Odin's Eye and the Sting3.  We found out on Sunday that they were also treating folks to the Odin's Eye knife and definitely took advantage to pick a couple more up as gifts.   And yeee-rah, that Odin's Eye is wicked sharp.  It is a self-defense push knife, but it also works great to open envelopes or for EDC--I have one on my keychain.  But it'll cut air.  I look forward to both the A.G. Russell catalog and their weekly emails with specials.

The Benchmade guy recognized my Emissary as one that is no longer made.  The TOPS guy I think were a bit taken aback by my smile when I picked up the Ranger's Edge.  Mr B had a chance to talk with Mr Russell himself for a little while--both he and his wife are very interesting and chock full of good stories.  All in all, some very nice blades and it was nice to talk with the folks at each booth. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014