Monday, April 28, 2014

NRA Convention--Day 2--The Meet!

After the Shooter Self Care class and lunch with some friends who live really close to us, but who we only seem to meet when we're either out of town or going out of town, we met up with Karl and Mrs Ushanka for some meandering around Broadripple before the Big BlogMeet that Old NFO put together for Saturday night.  Mr. B had met Mrs Ushanka before, but this was my first time--really nice lady.  It was a nice time with some very interesting conversations and we got to make a stop at the famous Broad Riplle Brew Pub for some home-brewed root beer and the most delicious fried cheese curds I've had.

Then, The Main Event....  The folks in attendence were the Who's Who of The Blog Tribe (partial list below).  Additionally, Don the Avid Reader and Kerry, (formerly known as 'the Lurker', but who shall heretoafter be known as 'the Kilted' were there).  I'd seen Kerry at the Self Care class earlier and was glad he was able to make it to the party.  Hadn't seen Don in a couple of years and, though was sorry to hear about his health issues, was really glad he decided to come out.

Being just a blogger at the kid's table of the cool kids' world, I was, however, able to keep (mostly) from Girly Squees of Joy at meeting some of the people who were there.  I usually sit in a corner and people watch, but tried to change my modus operandi and get out and introduce myself and chat with old friends and now, hopefully, some new ones.  Old NFO was busy running around and making sure that the food and drink kept flowing and the crowd was fairly mobile, going from the room with tables to the room with beer, pop, and pizza.

I was lucky to be able to chat with Larry Weeks from Brownells for a while about the trials and tribulations of buying a firearm while being female (little lady, you don't need that single action SIG P238, you need this snub nosed revolver that's going to rock your world so you'll only want to shoot it once).  Very nice man and really interested in people and their perspectives.

I'm hard pressed as to who to give the prize for Quote of the Night to either Ambulance Driver or Kerry the Kilted.  In a short discussion about our host, I said, screw the Dos Equis guy, Old NFO is the Most Intriguing Man in the World.

Ambulance Driver, in AD style, responded with:  "Before he goes to bed at night, Chuck Norris checks under his bed for OldNFO.".  

In a later discussion regarding kilts and the accoutrements worn underneath, Kerry, with a smile, says "The only thing I wear underneath my kilt is lipstick...  "

Paint me with woad and call me a Scot, I'm truly appreciative of Men in Kilts.  Kerry and Linoge (one of the folks for whom I was barely able to resist the Girly Squee of Joy when meeting) were both rockin' the Utili-Kilt.

I could really go on at length about the conversations I had (I really enjoyed talking with Kerry towards the end of the evening--hadn't had a chance to do that before), but I don't think I could do any of it justice since it was a moving target of subjects and people involved.  Part of the problem is that most everyone has two names--their name and their blog-handle so keeping everyone straight is kind of interesting.

Roberta live-blogged a partial list here (added with links below).  Additionally I saw these folks (and this is not nearly everyone, even with Roberta's list).
Old NFO-the Host with the Most
Murphy's Law
The Shekel
EMS Artifact
Dennis of Dragon LeatherWorks
DaddyBear and Girlie Bear
Kathy Jackson (The Cornered Cat)
The Scribbler of Scribbler Scrawls (and Scribbler the Elder)--Serendipity struck more than once meeting you both!
Slow Facts (ETA to change name and add link)
ETA:  Keads!

ETA: Don, the Avid Reader

ETA:  Kerry (the Kilted)--email me--I didn't get your email addy before we took off!

From Roberta's post (some with my comments):
     Danno of Sandcastle Scrolls
     The Smallest Conservative
     Larry Weeks (!) of Brownells!
     Tam Keel
     Turk Turon
     The Miller
     Mr. B.
     Midwest Chick--that would be me....
     Erin Palette--glad we got to meet in person!  I'll give Brigid a hug for you when I see her next.
     Ambulance Driver
     Matt G
     Mad Saint Jack
     Don Gwinn--very nice to meet you!
     Eric Wenthe
     The Jack
     New Jovian Thunderbolt--Yes, you were there, yes you had a good time!


Keads said...

It was great to meet you!

Midwest Chick said...

It was great meeting you too! I'm still in a bit of sensory overload!

Old NFO said...

And thanks for the munchies... They were lunch on the ride home today! :-) Sorry I missed y'all Sunday.

Aaron said...

It was indeed a pleasure to meet you.

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you guys too!

Midwest Chick said...

Aaron: Likewise! Do you think I treat just anyone to a guided tour around questionable neighborhoods in Indy?? ;-)

Daddybear: Really enjoyed talking with you and GirlyBear. Look forward to seeing you again!

Midwest Chick said...

NFO: All you need do is ask--I'll ship munchies to you too!

Don said...

It was great to meet you, too!

I accidentally scoffed Broad Ripple parking-meter law that night. Don't tell anybody!

Midwest Chick said...

Don: Ooops! They won't hear about it from me!