Sunday, April 27, 2014

NRA Convention--Day 1

Hey there!  I'm going to play some catch-up from this fantastic weekend!

Day 1:
Met up for breakfast with Old NFO, Bill from e.IA.f.t., Murphy's Law, and The Shekel.

Then it was off to the show.  Two things quickly became apparent:  1)  Murph and Shekel did not listen closely as I related my experience when learning how to drive a stick shift back in the day; 2) I really, really need to update my nav on my phone.  The whirlwind tour of most of south Indy is chronicled here and here.

Gotta say that Murphy's Law can really drive since I was making some very interesting moves through town as the GPS is screaming for us to U-turn while Mr B is trying to orient his 30 year old memories of the area with how it looks now and get us on the right track.  But they stuck to us like there was a tractor beam on my rear bumper.  And we actually got there!

Quick meetup with the Kool Kids and then it was off to the floor to look at all of the interesting items.  Holsters, firearms, knives, optics, even jewelry.  Oddly enough, one thing that was in short supply at this convention was the ubiquitous booth babe.  There were a few, but while we chatted with people, the women at most booths knew and used their respective products.

As we wandered, we came across Kathy Jackson, author of The Cornered Cat.  Very nice lady and I have recommended her book to a lot of women who either carry or are thinking about buying and carrying.  She really goes into issues that are important to know about before deciding to carry a firearm--the fact that a firearm does not create a magical forcefield that makes bad guys automatically go away.

We also met the Scribblers--father and son bloggers (ETA link) as well as John Richardson from No Lawyers--Only Guns and Money.  Sometimes these chance meetings are the best!

I finally brought Mr. B to the Darkside at the Benchmade booth where I was able to buy him a belated birthday present.  He'd never before found a Benchmade blade that caught his fancy, but found the 9500BK--Mini-Auto Stryker.  They were also doing free laser engraving so he got his name on it as well.

Mr. B got a couple of pendants for me at Wilderness Mint--they are synthetic corundum, meaning they are idential chemically to natural rubies and sapphires but are lab created.  They also have a great supply of Mt. St. Helens set gemstones.

Last but not least, we also found the A.G. Russell booth.  Mr. and Mrs. Russell are truly fantastic folks.  I receive the A.G. Russell catalog and I get to drool over their offerings every couple of weeks.  Mr. B bought me one of their Odin's Eye (it is now residing on my keychain) as well as a surprise that he gave me at dinner--the A.G. Russell Sting3 (Tam told me this morning that it is one of their most famous knives.).

We got a few other items about which I'll blog later, after I get a chance to  look at them a bit closer and maybe take some pictures.

It was a very full day--started great with some wonderful people.  While the items we got were cool, the conversations we had with people both by chance meeting or who were working really made the day special.  But we went to bed early so that we would be ready for Kelly Grayson's Shooters' First Aid class on Saturday morning.

More later!!


Murphy's Law said...

Was fun after-breakfast drive. Never would have seen that much of Indy otherwise. We need to do that again next year--maybe even a whole Blog-meet game of "follow the leader" through the east side of Nashville. What do you think?

Midwest Chick said...

M.L.: I think you're on. I'm sure we can get quite the caravan wending through the streets of Nashville. :-)