Thursday, March 20, 2014

That must be one realistic tattoo

So a guy with a tattoo of gun on his stomach had a bunch of heavily armed gendarmes make a house call because the idjits cutting trees for a local utility couldn't tell the difference between a two dimensional work of body art and a real three dimensional firearm.  Turns out the police were cool, but it could have been interesting for the guy.

They don't show a picture of the tattoo in the article, which is too bad.  They also don't give the name of the guy's tattoo artist, which is a bigger shame.  I know more than a bit about body art, being a somewhat avid collector myself, and if there's an artist out there who can do a piece that realistic, I'd like to peruse his or her portfolio.

ETA:  found a picture here. Not a sterling tattoo--seen a lot better.  Tree guys must have been near-sighted or the sun was in their eyes.


Sevesteen said...

Not all that realistic:

Old NFO said...

Talk about paranoia... sigh