Saturday, February 1, 2014

You mean they don't cover possession in med school??

So something that was local lore that I didn't realize was local lore ended up in the Daily Mail (UK) online.

Apparently in Gary, IN there is a haunted house with the ubiquitous portal to hell in the basement (because what house can truly be considered to be haunted without a portal to hell in the basement?).  The story is complete with possessions, hexes, demonic sightings, seeping walls (oil, not blood, oddly enough).  But the part of the article that really got me was the interaction between one of the possessed kids and a local MD--it starts with the description of a 7 year old's behavior.  I've underlined the part that got me giggling:
 'His head was turning, his eyes rolled back, his mouth went crazy, he started talking in tongues then it threw my grandson completely across the room.’

The nurse who witnessed this would not go back into the room while the doctor, realizing this was well beyond his capabilities, called police and paramedics to take the child and his brother, both of whom fell unconscious, to Gary ER.
 So really, doesn't basic medical training cover speaking in tongues and kids flinging themselves across a room??  Glad the family doctor realized this was kind of outside of his General Practitioner area.  It must have been a shock for the paramedics who had to take these kids to the Gary ER, where there are presumably experts on staff to deal with 7 year old boys possessed by demons.  Riiiight......

The whole article reads like The Amityville Horror, minus James Brolin looking broody and running around with an ax.


Monkeywrangler said...

That whole story is just creepy...

But keep in mind, that the home IS very near where Michael Jackson grew up, so demonic possession is not out of the realm of possibility!

Midwest Chick said...

M-True! Gary is full of zombies anyway. Had to go down the main drag one time when the tollway was blocked. Spooky even during the day!