Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye Barkley, Friend

Brigid wrote the below when we lost Schmoo.  Her words are true and to the heart.  She had to make the hard and right decision for our friend, her special companion today.   He was part of our family.

We'll miss him terribly but Schmoo will make him welcome at the Rainbow Bridge and they can play together until we get there.

I hope her words, given back to her with love, might help a little:

Would we all be like the dog, our pain hidden deep inside
where unkind thoughts and fear and loss are buried with our pride
With someone - stalwart friend, kind soul,
who shows us wrong from right
with rebuke soft, a gentle hand,
unfair judgment far from sight.
Would we know that secret place, where playful thoughts abide,
waiting only for that one true friend, in whom we can confide
- Brigid


Anonymous said...

Someone famous said the saddest thing about a pet is they don't last as long as we do.
Prayers their way.


Monkeywrangler said...

A fitting piece for a good dog! Both Schmoo and Barkley...