Saturday, February 8, 2014

Comments and a Question.... The Olympics

They had the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on TV last night while we were out.

Ya know, some mythology is not universal. 

This would be much better if we were dropping acid.  (acid was mentioned A LOT).

Those clear signs the Country Marshals make it look like the networks are trying to blur out the women's breasts.  (this was actually my observation.  you be the judge)  From

The dance number kind of looks like the Time Warp from Rocky Horror (when all of the dancers fell over).
Hey, the one guy from Venezuela looks like he's having a blast!

Oh, there's the Thai contingent.  Thailand is known for its winter sports.

Nepal.  I bet they are all just badass.
And finally:
Why do all Olympic opening ceremonies have a small girl in white clothing wandering through someone's acid trip??

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Old NFO said...

I was wondering about that little girl too...