Monday, January 6, 2014

Talk about feeling helpless....

Mr Bs work takes him on the roads when everyone else is told to stay home.  So in the middle of Snowmaggedon, off he went--in a very capable vehicle with a full tank of fuel and extra in the back.

Got within 3 miles of the goal and there he stayed for 14 hours.  Semi jackknifed across the road blocking both lanes of a state highway, no way back.  Fortunately we'd planned for him to be out for a few days so he had plenty of food and drink, fuel, changes of clothing, etc.

Since he was out on a secondary road, albeit a state highway, I made sure that he and the others trapped with him stayed on the radar of the state and local crews without being 'hysterical chick', making unreasonable demands, or just otherwise making their day worse than it was--checking in every four-six hours for status updates.  I found some local EMS folks and put them in touch with Mr B so he could give them updates and then stepped back to let them work.  He was checking on the folks around him to make sure no one was in distress and relaying that information forward.

Kudos points to the medium sized town close to us for their EMS efforts and their cooperation with both the state and with people with capable vehicles like Mr Bs (usually he'd be the one out there doing rescues).  The county folks can kiss my ass for absolutely refusing to cooperate with the state to hit the secondary highways (but, but, but it's a STATE road....--yeah with people trapped on it and temperatures dropping you jag-off p**sies*) while the state was occupied with the interstates and expressways and for also pulling back their trucks while there was work to be done.

I'm okee dokee.  Work called it so that I don't have to go anywhere.  There will be baking later for both the heat into the house and just for comfort.

*ETA, I didnt actually call the county guys jag-off p*$$ies.  That's my frustration, which I did not vent on them.


Monkeywrangler said...

Sorry to hear he was stuck in the jam there. I spent the night one time stuck in the cab of my truck on I-435 in an ice storm. No fun.

Glad he was well equipped for the unexpected camping trip!

Midwest Chick said...

Yeah, he's usually the one rescuing so this was an unexpected issue. But he was well provisioned so that wasn't an problem.

A neighbor with a blade on his truck did come by last night and plowed out our driveway--broke the big drifts. I'll be able to bat cleanup once the temp gets to zero tomorrow.

Old NFO said...

Glad he's okay, and the old Boy Scout motto DOES work! And kudos to you too for being understanding and supportive...

Midwest Chick said...

When he went we figured he'd be gone for a couple of days at least so I'd thrown some extra snackies in his bag. He did tell me he gave away one of his extra pairs of socks though.

No kudos for me--just doing what every partner should keeping the home fires (literally) burning so he can do what he needs to.