Monday, January 27, 2014

I call bull-crap and over-compensation

Via Firehand:  A woman tries to denigrate someone else's life choice under the guise of feminism.  I call it thought-police, groupthink, and utter bullshit.  Notwithstanding economic circumstances, the social 'rule' for women has been to seek employment outside of the home for the last 20 years or so.  If you don't adhere to that so-called 'freedom' then you are, apparently, a traitor to the sisterhood as well as an affront to their 'elevated' sensibilities.

For someone to state, unashamedly, that they look down on ANYONE, is the pinnacle of hubris.  I find that attitude to be utterly contemptible.  I'm not going to try to refute Hubris-Girl's premise with facts.  I will, however, take some time regarding the 'importance' of certain acts vs. another.  She feels that being an engineer is more important than doing laundry. 

I'd say that's a matter of perspective.  If your only litmus of self-worth is to judge yourself and your life by the approbation of others or by the number of zeros on your annual salary--if you have nothing else that gives meaning or security within your own being, then maybe so.  If you are secure in yourself, then not-so-much.

This type of attitude brings to mind an experience I had a few years ago.  I was standing in line to see Thich Naht Hahn, a somewhat famous Vietnamese Buddhist monk.  He is a Zen master and teaches mindfulness--being in the moment and doing whatever it is, be it doing dishes, walking, running, with all of your mind focused on that task.  He is well-known as a peace advocate as well. 

The venue was first-come, open seating.  And a woman tried to elbow me in the face to get in front of me in line.  Avoiding her flailing arm, I simply bowed out of her way and stated for the world at large, that obviously she needed the experience of seeing this man much more than I did.  Pretty sure the irony was lost.

In any case, these two women are probably soul-sisters.  Seeking outwards, rather than inwards, finding their only power is in ridicule and aggression.  Both are equally sad, both will find that, in the end, they are empty.


Old NFO said...

Ye Gods and little fishes... Yep OVERT feminism there... And I think you're exactly right!

Midwest Chick said...

Feminism is more of an F-Bomb to me than the word fuck.

B said...

Da comments are NOT supportive of her viewpoing...

Brigid said...

Wow - My Mom quit her job as a Deputy Sheriff (as a woman in the late 50's, not a matron, a full fledged sheriff) to raise us, two kids, messed up and taken out of the foster care system. I admire her more for that, than her badge.

I was lucky to have a full time mom, that put healing us and holding us and teaching us, above a position or title or salary.

I wouldn't have been the least bit impressed by her if she'd been a bank vice president who left us with day care all day.

That woman has no clue.