Monday, December 23, 2013

Bullies and bullying

I have been pondering the Robertson kerfuffle for the past few days.  I find it interesting that GLAAD has doubled down on stupid by insisting that Mr. Robertson sit down with gay Louisianans so he'll then presumably understand the error of his ways and denounce his religion as intolerant (monkeys will fly out of my butt first).

What GLAAD and the rest of the liberal media who are backing GLAAD's play don't understand, especially about the rest of us who are supporting Mr. Robertson's First Amendment right to say whatever the hell he wants, is that we are tired of being called names.  It's no different than being taunted in a schoolyard.  And at some point it's going to be the same as the below--the rest of us are going to be pushed beyond our tolerance level.

The implication being put forth in articles in Business Weekly and other venues that the rest of us are uneducated, intolerant, or provincial because we support a man's right to speak his mind without having to go through GLAAD's re-education thought process or change his convictions is getting very old.  It's the same as being called racist, islamophobic, or any other pejorative term that they can come up with in order to create a silence that they equate with acquiescence.

Ironically enough, the media and other name-callers don't realize that by their actions, they are actually the intolerant ones.  They don't understand that hating the sin and loving the sinner is actually practiced because they can't differentiate.  They don't understand actual to-the-bone convictions and standing by beliefs.  They think that enough name-calling will create change when all it does is create resentment.

So I've just got one thing to say to them:  "I'm rubber and you are glue--your words bounce off me and stick to you."  N'yah, n'yah, n'yah.  


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Old NFO said...

Good post, agree with all the points... The time IS coming where we will stop putting up with their crap...