Sunday, October 6, 2013

Res ipsa loquitur

So the talking heads of the MSM, who, of course, are talking the Obama administration's line about Obamacare being passed, signed, etc. so it therefore, res ipsa loquitur, should be funded are totally missing the point. 

While they are also shouting to the skies that Obama got re-elected because people wanted Obamacare (they conveniently forget that the issue-du-jour of the last election was immigration), they miss the point that most of the mid-term Representatives who were elected were tasked primarily to fight Obamacare (which is the poster child of government overreach and waste) and other excessive government spending.

I saw Rand Paul today and he makes a lot of sense.  Appropriations should be done on a program basis, not as a whole--that's how it used to be.  The methodology change was a Nixon-era trick in order to hide government over-spending, graft, and waste and has been perpetuated since then. The Representatives hold the power of the purse, because they are closer to the actual will of the people, whatever that is at the time. 

In essence, the Senate Dems are shutting down government over the appropriations for ONE program out of the thousands of programs on the books.   It's the same kind of petulant overreach that the Obama administration is using to shut down the access to people-owned national lands (and they're also trying to shut down access to the ocean too...).

How many programs--signed, sealed, and delivered, are still on the books but are no longer funded??    That would be an interesting factoid to trot out as a response, I think......