Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To the nice lady at Joe Donnely's South Bend office

Y'know, I don't know you from anyone so I would hesitate to call you an inveterate liar, but I really don't think that the both voice mails at the Senator's Washington DC office were full due to people calling in support of Obamacare.  Nor do I believe you when you say that calls to your office have been running 50-50 in favor. 

What I do believe (and no, I did not read this in any poll) is that the Senator is not representing the people of the state of Indiana but is, as you said, trying to protect them from themselves (presumably because they are too stupid to understand the intricacies of this situation).  I believe that the Senator is representing the Democrat party and not his constituency.

 Instead of talking about the oodles of money that are presumably raked in by the insurance companies (but have somehow never been quantified anywhere), why don't you think instead about the costs to everyone for every level of bureaucracy that's added to an organization?  And that those added costs across the board are caused by poorly written, badly executed, and pervasive legislation.  Taking those levels out instead of adding them would bring costs down for everyone.

And while you may be all rah-rah over the supposed benefits that are hurting the working class instead of helping them, and that adding 14,000 + pages of regulations over several federal agencies,  over 5,000 agents to the IRS, and having absolutely no background checks for the new level of bureaucrats who will be handling citizens' most private information, one wonders if you'll be signing up for Obamacare since, as a congressional aid, you are exempt.


RichD said...

Could not agree more. I haven't called, as talking to the secretary can be annoying, I e-mail him. Unfortunately, all I get in return, if anything, is a standard response letter. Usually thanking me for supporting what I was actually complaining about. Coats, on the other hand, has actually answered both in e-mail and regular mail, responses to my e-mail requests. I would love to see or start a recall for Donnelly. As you stated, he votes party instead of listening to his constituency.

Old NFO said...

You called it... They are NOT representing the people, only their OWN self interests...

Midwest Chick said...

Rich--I have to say that talking with whomever answered the phone over there was an exercise in futility. When they chose to advocate rather than listen (and denigrate their constituency), there's a serious problem. Donnelly needs to go.

On the other hand, Coates' guy in DC answered the phone and said the right stuff, until I mentioned that I was advocating for no cloture--I think it's a Senate trick that Harry 'One Trick Pony' Reid has used too often to avoid consequences. I've actually never heard someone get crestfallen before.

NFO--Absolutely. And therein lies the problem with pretty much all of them. It's bad when you know in advance that making that call is an exercise in futility.