Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yeah, that's what I was when I played D&D in high school too....

  Via link from Mr B.


You Are A:

Chaotic Neutral Elf Fighter (7th Level)

Ability Scores:
Strength- 12
Dexterity- 11
Constitution- 14
Intelligence- 17
Wisdom- 14
Charisma- 11

Chaotic Neutral- A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it. Chaotic neutral is the best alignment you can be because it represents true freedom from both society's restrictions and a do-gooder's zeal. However, chaotic neutral can be a dangerous alignment when it seeks to eliminate all authority, harmony, and order in society.

Elves are known for their poetry, song, and magical arts, but when danger threatens they show great skill with weapons and strategy. Elves can live to be over 700 years old and, by human standards, are slow to make friends and enemies, and even slower to forget them. Elves are slim and stand 4.5 to 5.5 feet tall. They have no facial or body hair, prefer comfortable clothes, and possess unearthly grace. Many others races find them hauntingly beautiful.

Fighters- Fighters can be many things, from soldiers to criminal enforcers. Some see adventure as a way to get rich, while others use their skills to protect the innocent. Fighters have the best all-around fighting capabilities of the PC classes, and they are trained to use all standard weapons and armor. A fighter's rigorous martial training grants him many bonus feats as he progresses, and high-level fighters have access to special melee maneuvers and exotic weapons not available to any other character.


Monkeywrangler said...

IIRC I came out Lvl3 Neutral Good Human/Dwarf Ranger/Cleric

Old NFO said...

LOL, in other words nothing's changed, right??? :-D

Midwest Chick said...

Monkey: It seems interesting that most of us are coming out neutral in some way....

NFO: Le plus ca change, le plus c'est le meme chose....

Brigid said...

At a laundromat I did my clothes in, during college, I was #1 at Asteroids. That's the total extent and fame of my gaming ability.