Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Different Breed of Blade

Anyone who knows me, knows I love knives.  From Benchmade and Boker to SOG and Cold Steel to small artisans like Shull, Haley, and Miller.  I have medieval style knives, small knives, and kukris.  I have ceramic knives, plastic CIA letter openers, and knives made of a metal so tough that it took a plasma cutter to shape them.

But then, during a short stay with Brigid, I discovered Kim Breed knives.  "Oh look", she says, "a friend got this for me as a surprise".   And she pulled out a small neck knife that fit my hand so perfectly, it was like it was made for me.  And the temper line running down the metal perfectly complemented the shape of the blade.  I had to have one.  Unfortunately she couldn't remember the address so I set out to find him on my own.

Finding Mr. Breed was like searching for a Yeti in the mountains of Tibet--finding a mention here, a picture there, a possible email hidden in the comments section of a posting by Oleg Volk.  But I persevered.  I took a shot and emailed.  Yes, it was the right email address.  Yes, he would be happy to speak to me and discuss blades.  Yes, he's a super nice guy and is very serious about his craft.   I had a couple of ideas and he refined them.  We discussed the trials and tribulations of women's clothing and trying to even carry a small knife.  He mentioned a small blade that he created that he calls a Finger Flicker (aka a 'Get the #$%& Off of Me' knife).  A short time later, I got a package containing the below (like nesting dolls, but pointy):

The sheaths are custom-made by Kim as well.  The large knife is just over nine inches long, the next one, just over six inches, and the small blade, just under four inches.  All three are balanced, comfortable, and beautiful.  Works of usable art and tools made to last.  The small one is perfect, even with light summer clothes.   Quality and a good price.

Email me and I'll pass on the not-so-secret email address.

ETA:  Kim will be at the Blade Show at the end of May in Atlanta if anyone is in or from the area.

ETA2:  The not-so-secret email is sfbreed@yahoo.com.  Do tell him that Midwest Chick sent you.