Saturday, April 6, 2013

A look at culture wars....

Chas, as he is wont to do, brings teh Smart.  A resident of Colorado, he doesn't fit into what the mainstream media's mold of a gun-owner and 2nd Amendment supporter.   Chas has an understanding of culture wars and the futility of banning items to cause change in human behavior.  An excerpt:

The "wish to ban" is an odd psychological phenomenon. Some people do think that if we removed a certain class of inanimate objects from the world, all would be fine, the lion would lie down with the lamb, and no one would hurt each other. (See also Prohibition, War on [Some] Drugs.)

Or we might have again the high murder rates of the Middle Ages and such gun-free zones as the Hundred Years War, the genocidal conquests of Genghiz Khan and Tamerlane, and the Crusades. Want to try the experiment?

As Glenn Reynolds would say, read the whole thing.

Weird Science IRL

I found myself staring a someone last night, trying to figure out where I might have seen them before. Then it hit me:

This person looked exactly like Chet from Weird Science, only female.  Had a personality to match as well (pre-Chet-makeover).  It didn't really hit me until she smiled, which might be the scariest part of all.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The A-Team meets Star Trek

Because my sister thinks it's 'scary' that I can name the A-Team members, (not forgetting the A-Team chick Amy, of course).....  Mixing Star Trek with the A-Team should be over the top.  :-)  I was tempted to post a Howlin' Mad Murdock homage, but this will have to do.