Thursday, March 14, 2013

Seems like she would be happier if the Bill of Rights disappeared altogether

After Sen. Cruz's well thought out question, the only answer that Feinstein had was the usual emotional rhetoric, timed served in the public sphere, and 'well, we're leaving those bitter-clingers with SOME of their guns' (paraphrased loosely, of course).  And Sen Leahy deliberately tried to re-work the point that Sen Cruz was trying to make to cover for her.  She did basically say finally that Congress makes laws and it really doesn't matter if those laws meet any Constitutional litmus.

She has no interest in defending the Constitution, as she swore an oath to and so has clearly shown herself to be unfit for office.  I find it interesting that, for some reason, people seem to think that the amount of time that one's ass has sat in a specific chair or role is some approbation of service or sign of actual ability or knowledge rather than as a sign of entropy. 

Please watch Sen Cruz take la Feinstein to the verbal cleaners.

Still not sure what she meant by imploding bullets.....


Old NFO said...

That is correct... sigh

RichD said...

I think a sixth grader has a better understanding of the constitution than feinstein ever will. Hats off to Cruz. Finally someone in the senate that has the stones to stand up to that worthless liberal, and with class and style to boot.

Anonymous said...

What a MAROON!


Mad Jack said...

Take a hard look at Feinstein. That's what real evil looks like. Feinstein wants complete control over all the people of the United States, and this is just one facet of her anti-freedom campaign.

It's ugly.

Midwest Chick said...

NFO--with you on the sigh.


gfa--A maroon plus a whole lot of hubris.

Mad Jack--She and her ilk are scary. The part that really got me is "we're leaving them 2,200 other guns. How many do they need?" which means she really doesn't understand the terms 'shall not be infringed' or the true meaning of 'freedom'.

Dirk said...

I have a 6th-grader, and an 8th-grader...both of them have more sense than this...person. They both clearly understand that the problem is not the guns, but the people who use them.