Friday, March 15, 2013


So la Feinstein says that she felt 'patronized' by Cruz' questions yesterday and that he was being 'arrogant'.  But after watching the video again, she was the one being patronizing and arrogant--I think that's the reasoning behind 'I've been here blahblahblah so many years' commentary.  It's akin to 'Look youngster, shut your mouth and mind your elders'. 

It's annoying to me when any female, when clearly bested on an intellectual level, falls back on feelings and emotions rather than being able to go toe-to-toe with someone in a real debate involving facts.  But of course I'm talking about a California Dem who really has no argument other than emotional charades.

Suck it up toots--if you want to be in the ring, best bring your intelligence and cogent arguments, if you have any, and leave your propensity to get the vapors at the door.  Name calling should have ended in sixth grade.


Old NFO said...

Good post MC, and yeah, she DIDN'T answer OR stand up... Typical...

Anonymous said...

Ad hominem response.

Classic misdirection!


Midwest Chick said...

NFO--Thanks (and thanks for the link)! No she really didn't. Because she, I think, down deep knows that she's wrong, but is so far into her ideology that she can't see anything else.

gfa--yep, except it didn't get misdirected the way she wanted. She came off looking like an ideologue in search of an intelligent thought.

Anonymous said...

I think that her whole goal regardless of what she thought herself was to open the eyes of those who needed to see things for themselves! And from my view, IT WORKED!