Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reporting bias and being totally outclassed

As Roberta X, Og, Mr B and others have pointed out, the reporting bias on the Christopher Dorner situation in LA is almost laughably biased.  I say almost, because modern 'reporting' isn't reporting, it's slant, spin, and dirty laundry (as the song goes).  I'm surprised that they even mentioned that the LAPD is so trigger-happy that they've plugged more people than Dorner has at this point (although not fatally).

In any case, the story I heard yesterday was that they found Dorner's truck in the mountains with two "long-range rifles with suppressors and a Glock".  But I was wondering why those two long-range rifles with suppressors weren't described as ZOMG silenced assault rifles with the ability to silently kill from 25 miles away and a handgun with seventy-eleven round 'clips'.  Interestingly enough, weapons aren't mentioned in the ABC report here, and there's no 'details' in the report that actually mentions weapons here.  In the Lanza case they had the model almost down to the serial number within hours.

And of course, as Roberta et al said, there is no mention of his admiration for Hillary Clinton, Obama, gun control or anything else identifying him as a liberal or democrat in any of the articles out there or if there is, it's merely a fine print notation.

The only part of this that amusing is watching the fully ninja'd out LA police slogging through the snow since they have no clue what they are doing.  Schadenfreude on my part, no doubt.


Old NFO said...

Excellent points MC, and yeah the 'reporting' leaves a bit to be desired...

Don said...

If there were any actual reporting it would be along the lines of, "When is the bail hearing for the officers involved? Have the Chiefs of Torrance and L.A. police departments fired these individuals yet? Given that twice police have mistaken the make, model, and color of the vehicle, and the race, size, and sex of the occupants, is it routine for police to be illiterate and color-blind?"