Friday, February 15, 2013

Fundraiser over at Wallsof the City

Linoge is good people and he's doing great work.  Follow the links below.
Linoge writes:
Starting today and running through 31MAR13, I am running a fundraiser for Honored American Veterans Afield ( ).  Full specifics are available here , but the basic story is that, as we are wont to do, I am running a giveaway in conjunction with the fundraiser, with prizes ranging from a Dragon Leatherworks holster to Otis Elite cleaning kits to copies of Munchkin to Ranger Up t-shirts.  

If you could spare a post and point people at the fundraiser, I would greatly appreciate it - last year, we all helped raise over $2300 for Soldiers' Angels, and with your help I hope to beat that this year.   

Likewise, feel free to forward this email as necessary - I only hit up 30-odd of you all, and I am sure I missed someone somewhere.  

And, finally, if you know any companies / individuals who might be interested in donating something to sweet the pot, feel free to let me know :).  

Thanks for whatever help you can provide! 

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