Friday, February 15, 2013

Fundraiser over at Wallsof the City

Linoge is good people and he's doing great work.  Follow the links below.
Linoge writes:
Starting today and running through 31MAR13, I am running a fundraiser for Honored American Veterans Afield ( ).  Full specifics are available here , but the basic story is that, as we are wont to do, I am running a giveaway in conjunction with the fundraiser, with prizes ranging from a Dragon Leatherworks holster to Otis Elite cleaning kits to copies of Munchkin to Ranger Up t-shirts.  

If you could spare a post and point people at the fundraiser, I would greatly appreciate it - last year, we all helped raise over $2300 for Soldiers' Angels, and with your help I hope to beat that this year.   

Likewise, feel free to forward this email as necessary - I only hit up 30-odd of you all, and I am sure I missed someone somewhere.  

And, finally, if you know any companies / individuals who might be interested in donating something to sweet the pot, feel free to let me know :).  

Thanks for whatever help you can provide! 

And THEY say they are the intelligent ones....

The only reason I am bothering with this post is because the Obama-complicit media seems to think  that four years of journalism school and paying enormous dollars for a closet in Manhattan makes them somehow smarter than us poor unwashed masses in middle America.

We were watching the news this morning about the meteor that hit Russia.  On CBS, this meteor strike was described as an "attack".  Now when the big branch fell on the barn, it was not the tree deciding to, with intent, throw a branch onto the barn.  Neither is one isolated event an onslaught.  And, oh by the way, 10,000 pounds does not equal 10 tons--there are 2,000 pounds in a ton.

As long as the media keeps insisting on making news rather than reporting it and pushing government agendas by skewing their coverage, we should point out the fact that the Fourth Estate is made up of talking heads with no understanding of the words placed before them.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Surprises--Beef Wellingtonettes and Purple Dogs

Valentines Day has never been one  of my favs on the holiday scale.  Mr B taught me what Valentines Day can be today though.  On my way out the door, he asked me, as he often does, what I'd like for dinner.  I laughed and said Beef Wellington.

By this good green earth, I got Beef Wellingtonettes for dinner.  Little Beef Wellingtons with asparagus tips.  There was also a heart shaped box of chocolate Turtles on my chair and a purple dog with hearts waiting for me in the shower.

I'm thinking I need to rethink my holiday scale.

ETA:  Purple dog with hearts is not a euphemism.  Mr. B sent me to take a hot shower while he was cooking dinner and had put a stuffed animal in the shower for me to find.    Sorry KX--didn't mean to cause a disconnect.  And the Wellingtonettes were MOST tasty.  As was the asparagus (forgot to add that there was a rich cheddar cheese sauce over the top of those......

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Patience and bittersweet times

Borepatch has posted about his experiences with his Mom.  His words have been a touchstone for me and, like him, the word Sparrow now has special meaning.  I'm trying very hard to learn from him and emulate him in my own journey towards, perhaps, a bit more wisdom and patience.  Trying to understand the Great Questions and perhaps find answers that make sense to me, if to no one else.

Currahee, BP.  And thanks.

Some quick thoughts about last night's political speech

We made the mistake of watching the State of the Union political speech last night on CBS.  I can't say how irritating I find Bob Schieffer and whoever that bobble-headed twink was with him (doesn't know the difference between a catch-phrase and a moniker and THEY are supposed to be the intelligencia).   Schieffer seems to think that because he's old, he's the heir to Walter Cronkite or something.  He is the one who called last's night speech by Obama a political speech though.  I agree since I couldn't find much about the actual state of the union in anything that was said.

I thought it  interesting that Obama is still touting global warming (last twelve years were the hottest in the last century, my ass).  He spouted about fires, floods, and drought--I figured they are signs of the Apocalypse that are the result of him getting re-elected.

Blaming the Sequestration issue on Congress was kind of funny. He wants it to go away so badly, he can taste it since it's a HUGE item that he can't lay on Bush's door.  Even Durbin said that it was a political ploy that wasn't ever supposed to happen.  I think the Republicans should stand their ground and make him OWN IT.

There were a couple of times were Mr B and I thought he was going to launch his gun-control bid.  When he finally did, he really said nothing.  I don't think that calling for a vote and then chiming the litany of the dead counts for anything except for the fact that he's willing to dance on the bodies of slain children for his agenda.

Final thought.  The complicit press and the dems keep saying that Americans are for universal background checks, even for private sales (where both parties would have to go to an FFL and do a NICS check).  I think that this would definitely come under a 10th Amendment violation.  As each state has its own gun laws regarding carry and purchase, any attempt by the federal government to step into this process would violate those states' rights.  Because we're now talking about an INTRA-state private transaction.  The feds have no authority over what goes on within the boundaries of a state or between private parties.  Even the NICS checks in place are contrary to the 10th Amendment.

And that's what I'm going to tell my Senators and Representative today.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reporting bias and being totally outclassed

As Roberta X, Og, Mr B and others have pointed out, the reporting bias on the Christopher Dorner situation in LA is almost laughably biased.  I say almost, because modern 'reporting' isn't reporting, it's slant, spin, and dirty laundry (as the song goes).  I'm surprised that they even mentioned that the LAPD is so trigger-happy that they've plugged more people than Dorner has at this point (although not fatally).

In any case, the story I heard yesterday was that they found Dorner's truck in the mountains with two "long-range rifles with suppressors and a Glock".  But I was wondering why those two long-range rifles with suppressors weren't described as ZOMG silenced assault rifles with the ability to silently kill from 25 miles away and a handgun with seventy-eleven round 'clips'.  Interestingly enough, weapons aren't mentioned in the ABC report here, and there's no 'details' in the report that actually mentions weapons here.  In the Lanza case they had the model almost down to the serial number within hours.

And of course, as Roberta et al said, there is no mention of his admiration for Hillary Clinton, Obama, gun control or anything else identifying him as a liberal or democrat in any of the articles out there or if there is, it's merely a fine print notation.

The only part of this that amusing is watching the fully ninja'd out LA police slogging through the snow since they have no clue what they are doing.  Schadenfreude on my part, no doubt.