Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I called this weeks ago

Biden says that Obama is contemplating an Executive Order or Executive Action regarding gun control.  I think if he does that it's a perfect chance to impeach him for breaking his Oath of Office wherein he swears to uphold the Constitution.


Wraith said...

Yeah, and John "My Balls Are In Obama's Back Pocket" Boehner is going to draw up Articles of Impeachment?

While we're wishing, I want a pony.

Don said...

I have to agree, unfortunately. There's no way the Senate would go along, even if Boner got the impeachment.

Also, while obviously un-constitutional, there's doubt about whether or not it rises to the required "high crimes or misdemeanors". The argument would certainly be made. And, with one exception, every president since at least Lincoln has broken that oath. Along with virtually every congress critter.

One of my fantasies (not THAT kind) is that after the restoration we charge, convict, and execute every living former or current elected or appointed official for treason. Specifically, making war on the U.S.

Are there that many lampposts in D.C.?