Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gosh darn I love my life....

Had a day yesterday like no-one else's in the world.  Attended the local gun show/fun show, got some furry slippers, new gloves, and two new knives--one a handmade blade from a local vender and one Benchmade folder.  Got to help a couple of friends at their respective booths for a while and then off to lunch at a local breakfast/sandwich shop.

B went to help some folks with some plumbing and construction while I did some work around the house and then off to town.

On the way back, stopped to help a guy with a flat tire whose lug nuts were snapping off like twigs--remember to rotate your tires more than every three years.  He'd contacted his wife, but after dropping off groceries, we went back to make sure he and his daughter had a ride home, paying forward the times in the past when others have stopped for us.

Then a 9:00 call from a friend from out of town so we all met at the local Taco Bell for cultural exchanges and reminiscences.  Met his niece and nephew-in-law (niece had just flown in from a month in India and was craving the Bell). Discussed the various merits of bhut jolokia peppers vs habaneros and my difficulties in getting folks at Thai, Mexican, or Indian restaurants to ignore my Caucasian complexion and make food HOT (niece laughingly suggested shoe polish and dying my hair a darker hue).  Also talked about  the way that Hindu Indians combined with other vegetarian constituencies have affected the fast food industry via the free market and voting with your feet.  A very pleasant evening indeed with humor and sitting with folks who, like us, don't really give a care about the melanin content of skin but just care to make a connection with others.

Life is good.


Old NFO said...

Furry slippers at a gun show??? That one needs explaining... :-) And thanks for helping those folks out!

Brigid said...

Sounds like a very good day indeed. I understand the complexion hot thing. There's a new waitress at the local Thai place that when I ordered Thai Hot smiled at me like some two year old asking for the car keys and brought me mild. This happened twice, so I had to make it clear but very nicely, I wanted Thai hot. She said "you sure?". I said, promise. She took my order, a minute later the cook comes out and looks at me slowly. But it was hot, really hot. Cook got a thumbs up and she got a decent tip.