Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is it bad when it's so surprising that common sense wins??

In Oklahoma an overzealous police office wrote a woman a $2500 ticket because her three year old son urinated in their front yard.  Mind that the officer didn't see the act, he saw one of the woman's sons lead the child up to a more secluded spot. 

Well, the ticket has been ripped up and the officer has been fired.

It's a sign of a world gone wonky when good sense actually comes out of what used to be the justice system.


Borepatch said...

God. But what are the chances that the Union forces the town to reinstate him.

agirlandhergun said...

Yeah, it's good, but I wonder if they would have made the same choice without all the "notoriety"

Old NFO said...

Good question Agirl... sigh

Brigid said...

No brownies cookies for him!

I hope the two of you have a great Thanksgiving.

Don said...

I suspect he'll soon be back on the job at the Sheriff's Office or another metro Police Department.

After all, he only needs 2 more years to retire on a state pension.