Thursday, September 20, 2012

New regulatory grab

You may have noticed that the press is full of the ZOMG! ARSENIC IN RICE! news.  Watching local CBS this morning, one of the talking heads actually asked an intelligent question "Why are we learning about this now?"  Their 'expert' actually answered honestly--probably more honestly than she meant (and I'm paraphrasing), ...  because rice has never been regulated and the FDA is thinking about it so now they're testing for it.

So one more grab on the part of the government--actually seeking out and finding a reason to regulate.  Just like sending out drones looking for folks breaking EPA (over)regulations.



Old NFO said...

Yep... dammit...

Brigid said...

Having been married to an ag pilot (that NEVER ends well) I can tell you that rice has more pesticides and crap on it than any other food product out there, and then some.

I hear perogies tend to be more safe though, especially with a case of Yeungling and sour cream.