Sunday, July 1, 2012

And all without any wailing or gnashing of teeth....

The wails and howls of those without electrical power have reached my ears.  We too were without power for several hours (not days), but because of proper preparation, it was merely an adventure and a chance to go to bed early.

After the storm passed Thursday night, I figured it was safe to dive into the shower.  Alas, I had washed my hair and had just soaped up my face when the lights went off.  Before 30 seconds had passed, in comes Mr B with a flashlight and a smile.  I had to hurry to use the remaining pressure in the well tank to finish rinsing, but no biggie.

We read by the light of our flashlight/lanterns and retired to bed about a half hour earlier than usual.  There was a bit of a debate as to whether or not to open up the windows since it was cooler outside, but considering the high humidity, we decided to leave things as-is.  We also considered starting up the generator, and if the power had been out the next morning, we would have.

Point being, because we were ready for an outage (cars gassed up, generator tested and ready, flashlights with fresh batteries (and extras ready as well), it was kind of fun to be unplugged for the evening.  And it's really not all that hard to have those things done and on-hand.

I also had my flashlight at the ready at work when the power went out the next day there.  I also had water, snacks, and first aid supplies and extra batteries in my desk drawer, should they have been necessary.

Small things that can make a BIG difference between a situation being an adventure or misery.


Old NFO said...

But you were also PREPARED! THAT is the big difference... Sigh... Another is that, to y'all, preparation is a daily issue, not an O.M.G. last minute, scream at everybody flail! :-)

Chas S. Clifton said...

I know that drill: cistern pressure tank equals two flushes. And after that you have to bring a jerry can of water up to the bathroom -- or drag out the generator.

Midwest Chick said...

NFO--We can't be prepared for everything, but we can give it our best shot. The only reason it took 30 seconds for the flashlight to appear in the bathroom is because Mr. B knocked it over and had to pick it up off of the floor.

Chas--knowing your cistern and its limits--very important!! :-) At least we didn't get to the point of starting up the generator and I got the soap out of my eyes without using too much extra water.