Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waaaaahhhh! Katie Couric doesn't feel the love....

Via Drudge:  While giving the commencement address at the University of Virginia, Katie Couric whined "...You'll wonder, when will I be loved?" Now to my thinking, as one of the great unwashed, you have to be lovable in order to be loved. Ms. Couric has done absolutely nothing to garner a following (including referring to Americans living in the Heartland as the great unwashed). She seems to me to be an elitist snob who has pandered to the eliterati and has ignored the rest of us. You don't become 'America's Sweetheart' by referring to a trip to Chicago as 'touring the middle of the country' (maybe if she'd actually gone downstate or something, I dunno). Her distaste and disregard for the majority of Americans shines through everytime she tries to get 'in touch with the people'. So, if I were she, I wouldn't be holding my breath while waiting to be loved.


DirtCrashr said...

There's a guy down in Florida she should meet... Oops, somebody shot him.

Old NFO said...

She is now, and has always been a self centered bit*h...

Brigid said...

Isn't she that chipmonk toothed whiny lady from the evening news I used to watch that said we should have a "Muslim Cosby Show" so that we can all see how wrong we are about Muslims, just how the Cosby show showed us what a typical African American family is like.

Sure Katie - add that to the Fall line up.

3rd Iraq from the Sun (The misadventures of an alien family that attempts to look casual in the middle of the Green Zone)

My Name Is Earl Qaeda (A lovable Muslim tries to make amends to all the people he killed)

How I Beat Your Mother (kids, this is how we use Sharia Law to keep her in line)

The Really Big Bang Theory (Fun and laughs with the developing Iranian nuclear program)

Gilligan’s Islam (The women can't drive the bamboo car)

Allah in the Family (A wonderul and devout young Muslim man marries into a family of evil Christian bigots)

I Dream of Jihad (how a 2000-year old genie helps her Taliban master kill infidels in the blink of an eye)

My Favorite Martyr (did we tell you about the 72 virgins?)

The Love Goat - only on pay per view

Decapitated Housewives (we warned you about driving and getting an education).

Sharia Law & Order (Ask a man for directions without a male family member by your side, that will be 50 lashes, steal a loaf of bread to feed your child, cut of your hands. Suicide Bomber - win valuable prizes!