Friday, May 4, 2012

Legends of the Defrauders....

So Elizabeth Warren, based on a family legend, checked that 'Native American' box in professional directories and was touted by Harvard as part of their diversity structure in their law school.  I'm not a lawyer, I wasn't trained as one, but even I know there's this little thing called 'proof'.  In my family, there was also the legend of a dark-skinned great-great grandmother who would take her youngest child across the prairie to visit the 'tribe' for the summer.  And I believed it and re-told it.  I even went to Native American Pow-Wow's in search of documentation.

That side of the family doesn't live far from tribal lands in the Kansas/Oklahoma area and has been here so long that I could have a small constellation of stars (at least Cassiopeia) at the Daughters of the American Revolution.  So it's not inconceivable that at some point, they would have intermarried with the Native Americans in their area.  I don't know how to judge cheekbones, but they tend to the high side with those folks too. 

But the big issue with the family legend, it was bushwah.  One of my uncles, who had considerable resources, tried to prove the family legend and couldn't.   There may have been a dark skinned great-great grandmother and she may have called herself Cherokee (that whole self-identification thing that Boston genealogists are trying to use to cover Warren's butt), but she might have been Greek or Jewish or Mexican or Hindu or African, for all we know--there are a lot of darker-skinned possibilities out there. But you know, as convinced I was of our heritage and the truth of the family legend, I didn't check that box because I didn't have proof.  It would have made things simpler, could have opened some doors, but without a piece of paper showing tribal membership, it wasn't going to happen.

Warren claims that she just wanted to make friends and she believed the stories because of her grandfather's "high cheekbones".  Reaaaaallllly.....   She has just proven that she's willing to exploit the status of a special class in order to get money, preferential treatment, and other perks that come with it (gee, maybe she is a natural for Congress). 

I just think she's sad and pathetic and should go back to her teaching job and get out of politics.

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Firehand said...

Ever notice most of the people who have a great need to "prove I'm part 'X'" are generally trying to because it'll get them something if they do?