Friday, April 13, 2012

Vacation Part I--Vegas

I haven't been to Vegas since the Mirage was built, if that gives you any idea of the timeframe.  I don't gamble much (I think that Himself and I together spent less than $100 in the machines, and that was only for time-killing).

I now know that:
  • the Strip from the Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere is five miles each way (and walked the whole thing up and back); 
  • that there are parts of the Strip that are sitting empty due to stalled construction projects;
  • that high winds will cancel the fountain show at the Bellagio;
  • that if you look hard, you can find decent, REALLY good food at a reasonable price (highly recommend the Bootleggers Bistro for both the food and the Vegas history);
  • that sushi is readily available and if you go at an off-time, SushiSamba serves up a quick, delicious meal;
  • that Fox Rent-a-Car sucks, big-time.  Nice enough folks but couldn't find their own cars in the parking lot to save their lives;
  • that Himself looks totally hot in a suit (okay, I knew that) and is willing to give up his jacket to me when the temperature dips to forty degrees at night;
  • that a spa day at the Canyon Ranch Spa is pretty darn good (and I managed to shave some $$ off the price and was still a happy camper).
As a note to the FCC or whomever cares, I paid for the food and services linked, and would again.

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