Monday, April 30, 2012

Buh-bye Bank of America

I'm not the only one, but I moved the loan that I had with Bank of America to a local operation.  I put a little note in there saying why, not that I really think that they will care.  Their treatment of the McMillan Group in addition to other business practices, such as providing credit cards to illegals that can then be used to enter the other systems of the US (like proof of residency for drivers licenses, etc.) just was the last straw.

I had planned on moving my account after the initial period but have to admit to being a little lazy and needing a kick in the butt to get moving on it.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Secret Service, Hookers, and Obama's prospective vacation spots...

The MSM is concentrating on the SNAFU committed by the Secret Service in Colombia.  While it is pretty serious, is most of their 'concern' based on the fact that the Secret Service is clearly showing that their professionalism is slipping, or is it to cover up Obama's comment (tongue in cheek or not but definitely in bad taste considering this interview) that one of the reasons he's in Columbia is to scout potential vacation spots for MEchelle (via Gateway Pundit)?

It seems to me....

.... that the only time the MSM gleefully mentions ANY state in 'flyover country', it's because that state has had tornadoes destroying portions of towns and cities.  The reporting is almost done with a bit of schaudenfreude (take that you Bitter Clingers).

Friday, April 13, 2012

Musical Interlude--Jason Aldean

Brigid mentioned this song and Borepatch has posted Jason Aldean's videos before.  Love this particular one:  Fly Over States.

Vacation Part I--Vegas

I haven't been to Vegas since the Mirage was built, if that gives you any idea of the timeframe.  I don't gamble much (I think that Himself and I together spent less than $100 in the machines, and that was only for time-killing).

I now know that:
  • the Strip from the Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere is five miles each way (and walked the whole thing up and back); 
  • that there are parts of the Strip that are sitting empty due to stalled construction projects;
  • that high winds will cancel the fountain show at the Bellagio;
  • that if you look hard, you can find decent, REALLY good food at a reasonable price (highly recommend the Bootleggers Bistro for both the food and the Vegas history);
  • that sushi is readily available and if you go at an off-time, SushiSamba serves up a quick, delicious meal;
  • that Fox Rent-a-Car sucks, big-time.  Nice enough folks but couldn't find their own cars in the parking lot to save their lives;
  • that Himself looks totally hot in a suit (okay, I knew that) and is willing to give up his jacket to me when the temperature dips to forty degrees at night;
  • that a spa day at the Canyon Ranch Spa is pretty darn good (and I managed to shave some $$ off the price and was still a happy camper).
As a note to the FCC or whomever cares, I paid for the food and services linked, and would again.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thank you to our Friends!!

Not only did Brigid take great care of the hairball-horking menagerie, she washed the sheets and remade her bed, AND stacked the mail in order of importance for us to find.  As a plus, Cocoa Pebbles treats were left in the fridge and a smiley note was on the table.

Thanks also to Engineering Johnson for the airport/car help as well!  Made the transition part much smoother!

It was my first vacation EVAH and her presence at the house made it the most relaxing one anyone could ask for.

Observations and stories from the road over the next few days.....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Using bees as guard dogs

Via Fatale Abstraction:  A Texas farmer is using bees to guard his scrap metal.  Big bees, mad bees.  Interesting idea since he's of the mind that the sound of metal against metal torques them off.

Probably not this bee though...