Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yawn... the Afghans are rioting again....

I saw on the news this morning that the Afghans are rioting over the 16 people who were killed by the US soldier and that they are calling for him to be beheaded. 

Now what he did was abhorrent and unexplainable to anyone but the voices in his head.  It is a crime and he should stand trial in OUR military court.

But the Afghans' response to this crime is the same as to anything else. 

Some books that were desecrated by their own people were burnt.  Riots and calls for beheading. 

Sixteen people murdered.  Riots and calls for beheading.

They want to stay in the stone age.  Fine.  We leave, our aid dollars leave, and they can go back to their caves and destroy each other.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, but where was the outrage and rioting when OUR folks were beheaded??? Leave and leave NOW!

Don said...

Apparently, the Army has forgotten how to hold a General Court Martial. Under the UCMJ a general officer may order the death penalty and summary execution for war crimes.
That turd in Iraq who fragged the tents and killed several soldiers in 2003? The prosecutor didn't ask for the death penalty. He wasn't tried for murdering his superiors during time of war, the only sentence for which is death, he was tried under the more lenient murder statute.

KurtP said...

Like I said on one of my FB pages-
Let president KickAss tell Karadzi that "hey were sorry for bothering you. Our troops will be on the first air transport out, and you can use what we leave on the ground."

Then issue every fire team a case of thermite grenades and tell them that nothing over two tons is in working condition when you leave.

Midwest Chick said...

NFO--I am outraged. And yes, we should leave now and ALL of our dollars with us.

Don--Politics has overtaken our military and made them unwilling to take the steps necessary to maintain order. The only reason it still works is because there are others in between the 'top' folks who still believe in order and make it stick.

KurtP--but wait to detonate the thermite until the barbarian hordes start crawling in to take what they can.

DirtCrashr said...

I was reading some old back-story material from my Anthro Thesis during the time of the British establishment of power in India in the 1760's, and they had to deal with and suppress a horse-posse of Afghan "Musselman" riders who terrorized and roamed the Bengal countryside - from the 1620's to the 1780's, taking what they would and sacking cities as they went raping and pillaging up and down. They were an out-of-control remnant of an ancient army that never went home to Afghanistan, and after a few centuries kept up their antics, hiding out in the hills. The British didn't get them put to ground and "civilized" until the mid 1800's.
Afghans have nothing to say to nobody about bad behavior anywhere, any time.