Saturday, March 10, 2012

International Bagpipe Day

You all may not know this, but it is International Bagpipe Day today.  So in honor of the day two videos with my favorite bagpipe player, Andy Letcher (from whom word of this day made it across the Pond as well).  Please note that Andy plays the English Border pipes, not Scottish (Great Highland Bagpipes) (I think he also plays French pipes).  It was explained to me that Scottish pipes, being so much larger, are meant for marching and English and French pipes are meant for dancing.  For more than you ever thought you'd need to know about the different types of bagpipes, check here.

Music from one of my favorite Scottish bands--Albannach:

I should mention that the sound of bagpipes completely messes with BobtheCat's serenity.  He was one unhappy camper while I was searching for videos for this post.  Or maybe he was so moved by it that he felt the need to try to knock the computer off of my lap.  Who knows the ways of felines.....


Old NFO said...

Either that, or he was afraid "HE" would be next...LOL

Quizikle said...

Holy music for Saturday evening

Midwest Chick said...

NFO--Excellent point! Maybe he was a bagpipe in a past life and is having flashbacks.

Q--Glad you like! Nothing like the 'pipes to make an evening.

og said...

Always amused me that most of the time you see bagpipes in a movie they're plating Garryowen.

This octopus walks into a bar and orders a Corona. "That'll be two bucks," says the bartender. So the octopus pays up and says "Will you give me fifty bucks if I can play any instrument you name? "Sure," says the bartender, "go play that piano." So the octopus goes to the piano, sits down, and out comes Van Cliburn, Paderewski, and Liberace all at once. "Damn!" says the bartender, "That's amazing!" And he pays up the fifty bucks.
Another guy at the bar pulls out a trumpet and says "Play this for fifty." So the octopus starts playing it, and it sounds just like Doc Severinson and Louie Armstrong all at once. And another guy pulls out a guitar, the octopus plays it, and Les Paul, Mary Ford and Andres Segovia are all right there in the music.

Finally a Scot, in full kilt, walks in and he says "Aye laddie, I'll wager ye cannae play these pipes. So the octopus picks up the pipes, twists them this way and that, looks at the plaid bagskirt, holds them up in the light, and finally puts them down on the barstool next to him while he used six of his eight arms to scratch his head. "Ha!" said the Scot, "Ye canne play them and I win!"

"Play, hell!" said the octopus, "I wanna f**k it if I can get its pajamas off...!"

Brigid said...

og - - bwahahahahahahaha.

I understand Bob - I get that way with Zamfir and his Amazing Pan Flute.

Midwest Chick said...

Og--Great joke! Gotta work on my Scots accent to do it proper.

Brigid--When I was living out east I swore to heaven that the Pan pipe bands were following me around. Everywhere I went, pan pipes and guys in weird hats. Very disconcerting.