Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How much evidence do we have to have to show the TSA is useless??

So Jonathan Corbett has proven that the TSA backscatter machines, aside from potentially causing cancer and radiation exposure, don't make us any safer than the original metal detectors did and definitely no safer than being sexually assaulted so that you can travel from one part of this country to the other.  On his website here  (and the video embedded below), which youtube is now making restricted to 18+ (don't know why), he explains the whole thing.

My question is this:  when are the sheep going to realize that the sheepdogs are toothless and more interested in controlling the traveling populace than they are in protecting the traveling populace??  We've already lost so many freedoms under the guise of security that I'm sure Ben Franklin has spun his way to the center of the earth by now.  This is not counting the billions of dollars being funneled to political insiders under the cloak of national security.

I know that the TSA, in its efforts to justify its existence, will come down on Mr. Corbett like a ton of bricks under the same national security aegis.  So I've got my checkbook ready for his legal defense fund.

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Quizikle said...

Who cares if it works or is safe.
TSA agents can feel like being on the bridge of Starship Enterprise or in a CSI lab