Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cultural sensitivity for everyone but our own countrymen....

The press is making a very big deal about how Republican voters in Alabama and Mississippi (they are sure to emphasize the 'Republican' part, but since they are the only ones being included in the polls, duh) feel that Obama is a muslim.

What the press and the academic intelligencia fail to realize, and what I'm probably going to try to explain very badly, is that of course folks in the Southern states (and I'm including a boat-ton of Dems) believe that Obama is a muslim.  Why??  Because he was raised one in Indonesia.  He went to a madrassa, he attended prayers five times a day.  That was how he was raised--the culture, the religion.  That's where he spent his formative years.  Regardless of how many years he sat in Rev. Wright's hate-spewing pews subsequently, his childhood was spent as a muslim.

And to southern folks, that's what counts.  But this is something that the progressives fail to grok (and if you don't grok grok, I can't help you) and so they use this idea as a weapon to try to illustrate how 'backwards' those who are from the south are.  For example:  my formative years were spent in the south.  We attended the local Southern Baptist church.  I was in the choir.  That is part of who I am, regardless of how I have celebrated religiously since then. 

When I moved back south after quite a sojourn in the northern states, one of the first things I was asked was "what church do you attend?"  Now, such a question would be considered rude up north, but in the south, that is one way that people place you in their worldview.  It's not that they care, really.  But to them, knowing that bit of information gives them an idea as to your worldview, your beliefs, how you were raised.  It is an insight as to WHO YOU ARE and your attitudes towards the world.

So I guess what chaps my butt, and is the impetus for this post, is that the progressives well-nigh demand 'cultural sensitivity' towards a religion and belief system that stones Emos to death, that shrouds their women in ignorance, both literally and figuratively, that destroys millennial-old works of art, but can't somehow try to understand the point of view of others in their own country.

I'm firmly of the belief that when the Founding Fathers specified that the President be a natural born citizen of the United States, that they meant that they wanted someone who was born and raised here--someone who understands the culture because this is the culture that they bonded with, that they were raised with, that they absorbed in their formative years because they were a part of this society (colonies established within this country would not qualify as being part of our society).

It would be more interesting to see the results of a poll that specified WHY folks are holding to the idea that Obama is a muslim.  I'm betting the results would be because he was raised as one in another country.  It is part of who he is and how he sees the world.  So I don't think, in context, that the people who answer 'yes' when asked if they believe Obama is a muslim are far wrong.  But don't expect the progressives to actually use some of their vaunted cultural sensitivity to understand that reasoning.  It's too easy to denigrate people that they are relatively sure won't cut of their heads or stone them to death.


Don said...

I'm ineligible to be President because I was born on Guam. So John McCain isn't eligible either, he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Both of us were born in U.S. Territories, raised (mostly) in the States, and served our country in the military.
The Obamination was born in the U.S., raised in another country, never served anyone or thing but himself.
Yet this arsfardel is in the White House. Helluva country, no?

Midwest Chick said...

Don--it goes against the spirit of what the Founding Fathers meant and is abhorrent.