Friday, February 24, 2012

Passive voice

Listening to the news this morning, the talking heads were talking about a multi-vehicle crash on the Edens Expressway (whichever highway that it since it's Chicago code).  But the verbiage they used was interesting:  "the icy conditions caused the crash".  It wasn't that "dude was a moron and was driving too fast for conditions" or "the woman over-corrected when she slid and caused the crash".  It's like the conditions just materialized under the car much to the surprise of all drivers in the area.

But the passive meme is pervasive.  Any life event just happens.  All are victims of circumstance.  It's the idea on which the Dems have based the last fifty years of policy--people are poor because they're victims, not because of the decisions they've made.  Just last week, the federal government removed the last FEMA trailer out of New Orleans--almost six years after the storm because people just waited for someone else to do something--they did not do for themselves.  We're all just chips on the stream of life, according to the Progressives. 

It goes against everything the United States was built on--personal responsibility; pursuing life, liberty, and happiness.  Controlling our own destiny, whatever that might be.  I refuse to accept that I am a victim or that I am not in control of at least the portions of my life that I can be--how I spend my money, where I live, my associates and my friends.   

My choices are my own and are mine to pay for in whatever currency--money, sweat, tears, that is required. 


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Old NFO said...

Good one! And yeah, it's NEVER their fault... sigh

Midwest Chick said...


NFO--I still think it's the 'not my fault' thing started in the 1980 with all of the pop psychiatry of time that was happening.