Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Douchebag indeed.... Russ Lindquist is intellectually frivolous...

Via Borepatch, I followed a link to this douchebag's website.  For a guy who professes love and courage and humility, he doesn't seem to show a lot of those qualities.  As BP says, this guy is obviously intellectually frivolous, using Hitchens' definition.

Nor does he seem to understand or acknowledge that maybe "Akmed's dad or Mohammed's dad" might have been the ones who machined-gunned schools for allowing girls to attend or who beat a woman for the audacity of being raped or who destroyed an ancient piece of artwork in the name of their religion.  He does not understand or acknowledge that our troops are people with families also and have the courage and conviction to lay it all on the line, not mock and dehumanize our soldiers from behind a keyboard.  He also seems to be one of those who feels that being brown is better (I personally don't care about skin tone or the lack thereof) and being an adherent of an 8th century religious practice automatically grants you immunity from your abhorrent actions.

I think he would have been one of those spitting at the troops coming back from Vietnam, except I doubt he was spawned then.  He's one of those who hates and twists something good, like a sleeping baby, into something ugly.


Old NFO said...

I'd like about 5 minutes with him and a few of my friends...

Don said...

I'm ambivalent. We've no business being there, but that isn't the service members decision. If he wants to piss and moan, do it at someone who is responsible. Our government.
As you and NFO know, I've BTDT and the t-shirts wore out long ago. I have no problem with support for the military members. But I have little support for the government that sends them in harm's way.
As for those photos of soldiers abusing prisoners, I hope (and believe) that they were punished.

Borepatch said...

Midwest Chick, Amen.

Old NFO, he's not worth your time.

Don, I agree with everything you said. Let's bring 'em home. Yeah, things will go to Hell - don't see how it will be much different than if we stay.

Midwest Chick said...

NFO--I agree with Borepatch--he's not worth your time nor trouble.

Don--One of the main differences between our side and their side is that there are consequences for actions on our side. In the case of those soldiers, they were punished.

Borepatch--reading what he wrote made me ill.