Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Post pre-New Year's Eve goodness

I've been meaning to post something about this, but Himself and I were invited over to the Og Lair for a nice pre-New Year's Eve gathering.  There was sushi and ham rolls with olives that looked like eyes, both created by the Oglet and the OgWife, fresh bread made by the Hands of Og, Italian beef made by Himself, good conversation, and books.  There was also cribbage and later, red velvet cupcakes.

It was a lovely time and I have been remiss in blogging about it.  Hopefully we can do it again next year.


og said...

Glad you could come. Glad you had a good time. Beats fighting traffic on NY eve and dealing with amateurs.

Old NFO said...

Sounds like a very nice evening! :-)

Midwest Chick said...

Og--It was great! Had a lovely time!

NFO--good food, good companions. Yep, it was very nice!