Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking beyond the label....

I was talking with a co-worker today and it culminated at this:  "don't look at the label".  She had said that she could never vote for a Republican because all Republicans have certain religious beliefs that they want to force on the rest of us.  I pointed out that the Dems also have beliefs, as deeply held as any religious fervor, that they also wish to foist on the rest of us.  I said that she needs to look beyond the label--everybody has to choose a party in the present system.  When it is an exercise in futility to call either my Senator (Republican) or my Congressman (Dem), then it's the system that is broken.  Decide who can do the best job in fixing it.  Chances are that person is not a political insider.

Do research, look at their track record, become an informed voter, rather than one that is believing anything that the media is putting out there (the only reason that Romney has gotten as far as he has is due to the support of the MSM and the RNC).

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Guffaw in AZ said...

Common sense, thank you!
I'm posting a link to this. - gfa