Thursday, January 12, 2012

Consistency, thy name is not Liberal

So screaming from the yahoo headlines this morning is "Outrage over Indian islands 'human zoo".  Anthropologists and other 'rights' organizations are having a collective apoplectic fit over a primitive tribe's women being bribed into dancing naked in exchange for food.  And it is abhorrent, no mistake.

But UN 'peacekeepers' have also been doing this same thing for years (probably decades at this point), but are even more heinous and egregious in their actions with little to no reprisals at all.  For example, the government of Haiti last year brought out a mobile telephone video showing Uruguayan UN personnel raping a Haitian man.  In the Congo in 2005, Moroccan UN 'peacekeepers' were accused of over 150 allegations of sex crimes towards Congolese girls, boys, and women.  In this case, there was the trading of food for sex, not just for naked dancing.  This has been happening to children as young as six years old almost every place the UN has forces in place.

Where is the outrage, where are the screams??  Why aren't the Liberals calling for the cutting of funds to the UN in response to these crimes??  This is an organization that calls "homophobic bullying"  "a moral outrage, a grave violation of human rights and a public health crisis."  And yet the rape of children is what exactly in their minds??  But they get a pass from the Liberals because they are the UN and if big government is good, world government has to be better than good.

One thing that Himself and I decided this morning was that at least conservatives are consistent.  If it's wrong for one group to do something, it's wrong for another group to do something.


Old NFO said...

Good post and good point... Goose/gander and all that :-) And the UN pretty much sucks on human rights...

Midwest Chick said...

Yep, and has for years, but yet they still insist on foisting themselves onto unsuspecting populations.