Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas in January

We had a late Christmas present today--lunch with Brigid.  Oh yeah, there were gifts too.  You can read here what Himself and I came up with for Brigid--a perfume that will also work as an anti-jihadist repellant and various bits of lemony goodness, plus some homemade cayenne dark chocolate fudge. 

What she didn't mention is what she got for us. 

For Himself, a book called "American Industrial Machinery" by Wendel--a rare book that made his eyes light up when he opened the box.

And in the little shiny container, nestled in Kleenex, a pendant for me.  I'm still in awe.  An exquisite and delicate pendant of blues and golds, like the sky at noon over the prairie.  As beautiful as it is, the sentiment and the compliment that came with it means more--"I saw this", she said, "and thought that it was as beautiful and unique as you are."  I somehow managed not to go all girly-blinky, but it was a struggle.

We shared laughs, huffed her wrist for a while, and then all too quickly, the road beckoned her onward.  Looking forward to her next visit!


Old NFO said...

Glad y'all had a good time! Friends ARE worth all the effort! :-)

SUERTE said...

Awesome, ya'll have fun.

Midwest Chick said...

NFO--It was a blast! And friends, especially good ones, are worth all of the effort!

SUERTE--We sure did have fun. Always too short, time-wise though.