Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrations of weakness vs Celebrations of strength

Apparently the folks over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence don't seem to understand what myself and about one hundred gun bloggers did on January 8, 2012. They wanted people to light a candle "in memory of the victims of gun violence". We chose to take it a bit further. I lit my candle next to my carry gun, in memory of ALL victims of ALL violence and as a symbol of an object that can, used properly and with proper training, keep people from becoming victims.

Those who have seen me know that I am not tall of stature, strapping of frame. However, I refuse to act the victim (which would be very easy to do considering today's culture of victimhood). But that runs contrary to the ideology of the CSGV.

Joan Peterson, quoted here, talks about 'common sense gun laws', but has no understanding that such laws only deprive sensible people of a tool for their defense. People with common sense don't randomly plug each other. Criminals and the insane do. And they don't adhere to laws because they are not sensible. She and those like her wish to turn others into victims, to celebrate the cult of the victim, rather than embrace the idea of strength.

It's been happening for years starting with the denigration of masculine strengths and depth of quality in 'preference' to metrosexual weakness and superficiality.

Part of it may be that they can't find strength within themselves to stand tall and they want to hide it by making everyone like themselves. Maybe they are frightened that the price paid for standing up will be too much, not understanding that those who act as sheepdogs in the country gladly pay that price; not understanding that NOT standing up can often run a tab that's much higher than any of their imagination.  They choose to denigrate those with whom they do not agree, to deny facts, to try to bring down by any means at their disposal, any who they see as strong.

The thing that I think bothers them the most though, is that even if they chose to live in fear and weakness, they cannot force us to do the same.


Don said...

The only "common sense gun law" is Constitutional Carry. I include felons convicted of non-violent crimes.

Old NFO said...

THIS is the key point you've raised, and it's dead on!

"It's been happening for years starting with the denigration of masculine strengths and depth of quality in 'preference' to metrosexual weakness and superficiality."

No question, the point you made has a lot to do with what is going on!

Midwest Chick said...

Don--I can understand that.

NFO--it's all part and parcel of the same thing. Kim du Toit had it right with the Pussification of the Western Male. If men and women can stand up then they don't need government to take care of them and thus government loses power.