Thursday, January 26, 2012

And yet we're supposed to trust them to write regulations...

Via Inside Higher Ed News:  The US Department of Education did a study on the racial component of student loan borrowers and the possible effect on the payback rates for student loans, based on race. However, they 'accidentally' left out black students. In a study about race. And the student loan payback rates, by race.

SO their original findings were that race played a 1% variance in the repayment of student loans. Their revised numbers, including all races this time (maybe) would take that variance to 20%. BUT the new numbers wouldn't have an affect on final regulations, states the DOE. And what is their excuse for not changing the final regulations based on (possibly) more accurate figures??
They point to what they see as a pattern of flawed data or other information being used by the department, the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions and, perhaps most notably, the Government Accountability Office.
 SO, their excuse is that other people use crap data all the time so it doesn't matter if we use it too. 

But repayment rates are integral to institutions being able to participate in the federal student loan program.  So for-profit institutions and others that enroll a large percentage of minority students (which I think would be the Obama administration's target audience) end up penalized.

And all they can do is whine that others use bad data so it shouldn't matter.  But seriously, if the Department of Education can't handle something as simple as including all races in a study about race, why should the American public trust them to set rules and regulations on anything, especially educational standards?

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Old NFO said...

Now you're just NOT being nice by actually calling them out for their false data, you 'know' you're just supposed to go along and get along... GOOOOD catch!!! :-)