Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unions and Dems must be running scared already...

I think the unions and the Dems are sensing the way the wind is blowing this next election cycle--and it's not in their favor. So they're going to the bag of dirty tricks. Fortunately it's early enough that maybe some of the damage they are trying to inflict upon the electoral process can be mitigated. Via Drudge, the NAACP is going to the UN (please, the UN?!?) to 'warn' about voter suppression specifically 'targeted at blacks and hispanics and to try to get the UN to intervene in US elections.

Their definition of "voter suppression": actually making people identify themselves in order to vote and/or cutting back on 'early voting', which was primarily put into place in order to facilitate voter fraud.  In Texas, they also prohibit students from using their university ID cards to prevent them from voting in two places.  The NAACP complains that students cannot use their college IDs but that people can use their  handgun concealed carry permit--I guess forgetting that a background check and such often accompanies the acquisition of such a permit and in many states also has a picture of the person on it.  Their logic is spurious at best and is disingenuous at worst since all of the measures about which they are complaining will help prevent voter fraud.  But then they wouldn't be able to circumvent the electoral process, would they?

Of course MSNBC has picked up the meme that voter ID laws are 'racist' since they are the media lapdog of groups like the NAACP.

My idea of voter suppression goes more like this:

But then I'm of the mind that if you have to have an ID to buy a pack of cigarettes then you should have to have one to participate in the most important activity of a citizen--voting.

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Old NFO said...

Agree, and it's ALL about allowing the dems to get their busloads of folks to vote 2-3 times each... if they can't then THEY are being frauded, regardless of what the laws are.