Monday, December 12, 2011

Russell Simmons misses the point about being in America

Russell Simmons, a 'hip-hop mogul' is apparently incensed that Lowe's has decided to pull its advertising dollars from a show called 'All-American Muslim'.  "There are American principles at stake here." Mr. Simmons cries to the world.

Actually he's kind of right, there is one American principle at stake here.  Freedom.  In this case, the freedom to put your money (or your corporation's money) where you best see fit.  It's un-American to try to force someone into adopting your viewpoint--the basis of freedom, after all, are freedom of thought and freedom of conscience.  Also, Mr. Simmons doesn't realize that not monetarily supporting something does not equal discrimination towards a particular cause.  He's also rather myopic in his viewpoint.

Just as Jay-Z can make money from appropriating the slogan for a cause and NOT give any of that money to that cause, Lowe's can put its money where it wants.  Mr. Simmons is free to make up those advertising dollars by putting his considerable fortune made through Def Jam into play, but I doubt he will.

For myself, my next home improvement purchases will be at Lowe's.

ETA:  I just read this over at Popehat and Ken does have a point.  Lowe's caved to one special interest group in pulling its ads from this show. That said, while the Florida Family Association takes things to the next illogical level, Dearborn, Michigan (where the television show takes place) is the hub of Muslim activity in the United States and there are allegations that Shariah law is becoming preeminent there.

Regardless of all of that, Lowe's can still put its money where it will, and I'll still be making my next home improvement purchase there.


Old NFO said...

Looks like that whole 'freedom of choice' thingie ONLY works when one does what OTHERS want... sigh...

Midwest Chick said...

Exactly. And the MSM meme is that Lowe's should apologize. For what?? Making a corporate decision to not advertise on a certain television show. It's no different than when a bunch of folks started pulling their advertisements from that MTV show 'Skins' at the beginning of this year.

Don said...

I don't believe it is appropriate for anyone, anytime to disparage another's exercise of a fundamental right. Even if I find that exercise morally repugnant. This musician is certainly correct to disagree with Lowes' decision, but not to criticize it.

Blogger said...

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