Thursday, December 15, 2011

More on that crappy TLC show

Another company has pulled its advertising from the show:  All-American Muslim. has pulled their advertisements because they looked at the show, versus what TLC told them it was going to be and decided 'the show sucked' and pulled their advertising.  Nothing to do with bigotry or anything else, just use of their advertising dollars elsewhere.

To give kudos points for putting money in conjunction with one's mouth, Russell Simmons' company, Rush Card, has decided to buy up the advertising space left by Lowe's departure.  A California State Dem, Ted Lieu, actually threatened Lowe's with 'legislative remedies' for not kowtowing to the PC line and leaving its advertising dollars in a television show that, despite its publicity, is declining in the ratings (and didn't start very well anyway).

As a poster on one the sites about this 'issue' said (my apologies because I can't remember where I read it):  There is nothing in the First Amendment that says that people must financially support someone else's speech, only that it must be allowed.   Politicos like Ted Lieu have lost the plot on the role of government and threats of government intervention in a free speech marketplace.


Old NFO said...

Excellent point, Lieu and his ilk need to actually READ the Constitution... sigh...

Karl said...

Have a related post at Ushanka:

Didn't know about CA politician's threat. I moved from CA to OH three years ago for many reasons. That govt is out of control and only going to get worse before it gets better.