Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well gee whiz Senators.....

When some Senators met with John Pistole to discuss the TSA, as usual, they clearly missed the point of the furor surrounding the government's heavy handed (in some cases literal) handling of air passengers in this country.  Not one time was the Fourth Amendment mentioned. 

Sen. Claire McCaskill wants more women TSA agents so she doesn't have to wait as long for her Unconstitutional patdown but did admit she tries to avoid them because of their intrusive nature.  Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said "I did have a situation where I had to have a pat down, but they were unfailingly polite."

Could it be that they were 'unfailingly polite' SENATOR Hutchison, because you're a frikkin' Senator??  Remove that title and try it as a regular person and see what kind of treatment you get. It may be that Senator McCaskill doesn't waive around her government credentials quite as freely and so gets what everyone else does. 

But if a Senator who has sworn to uphold the Constitution is also willing to be a sheep and just demand a better type of sexual assault, I weep for this country.

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Old NFO said...

Concur... NOT A SINGLE MENTION of 4A??? WTF???