Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So in response to Mr. B's post here, I called my Senator, not that I really think it does much good.  I left a message on the voicemail in Washington and talked to a very nice and noncommittal young man in his Indianapolis office.

As I was speaking, it occurred to me that our politicians have become lazy.  They either write general laws that are subject to interpretation by a non-elected regulatory body or they write laws for which the non-elected executive branch regulators have to write exemptions (see Obamacare and No Child Left Behind).  The Senate of the United States, as controlled by Harry Reid is blocking bills passed by the House of Representatives from being heard and is doing all business using cloture rather than actually debating the merits of any bill.  And most bills passed now are so labyrinthine that they 'must be passed in order to see what's in them'.  And then the legislature abrogates responsibility to the executive branch, thus skewing the balance of power that the Founding Fathers felt was so important to maintaining the Republic.

We are no longer a nation of laws that apply equally to all people, but a nation of regulations that are selectively applied according to political whim.  The perfect example of this is the EPA, which, in complete ignorance of the laws of physics, has issued a regulation 'sharply increasing fuel economy' (ht Cold Fury).  Because by issuing a regulation that cannot possibly be met according to today's science will assuredly lead to fines and more money for the government later.  The EPA is also in service of Obama's stated agenda to increase the cost of fossil fuel-based energy to the point where his failed green agenda can gain traction (in complete contradiction to Congress, which did not pass Cap and Trade legislation).  Another example is the way the 'Occupy' people are getting special treatment by being allowed to camp out in public spaces (which excludes that space from use by the rest of the public) while the Tea Partiers get audited in Richmond, Virginia in retaliation to their demand for equal treatment.

The rights of the people of the United States to be citizens, rather than serfs to the government are being eroded daily, mainly under the guise of good intentions.  The above-mentioned issue from Himself?  It's to catch terrorists, but is written so broadly that it could be anyone.  The state of Ohio took away an overweight child from his parents under the aegis of 'improper medical care'.  But it could have easily been because there were guns in the house or they weren't making him wear a bicycle helmet or a seatbelt or anything else the State would deem as child endangerment.  The Supreme Court in Indiana has tried to wipe away the Fourth Amendment.  The federal government in its infinite hubris has even decided what we can use to light our houses.

But these things are happening because the citizens have also been lazy.  As long as the politicians didn't bother us, we would put up with the plethora of rules and regulations coming at the federal and state level.  We let the media spoon-feed us the meme of the day designed to keep us docile and to hide the wrongdoings of our elected officials.

But now the internet has allowed us to see behind the curtain, to identify the wrongdoing, to recognize the web of lies, deceit, and self-aggrandizement that government has put into place.  Unfortunately, it has flown for too long.  The only way to fix it is to tear it down.  Agencies, sub-agencies, commissions all must be brought to zero and re-built.  Congress and the sycophant class that supports them must be voted out and made anew.  Legal precedents must be re-examined in light of the Constitution, rather than on the judgements of those who might have had their own agenda.    The present system must be swept clean and made anew.  Only then can we be citizens once again, free to live as we will.


DirtCrashr said...

Here in California they are lazy AND stupid. Lazy because there's no competition or even investment in *the ideas* they traffic since they are in protected, Gerrymander-safe districts.
Their ideas are untested and they show it by being so poorly written, because they don't have any real competition except internal competition - and that's all ideological or just Party-driven nastiness - and that includes the safe-district Republicans who are in the permanent minority.

Old NFO said...

Concur, but to start with, we need to vote the current crop out, install term limits, and get back to a government of, by and FOR the people; instead of for the elite... Re-Elect= NONE!!!!

Midwest Chick said...

DirtCrashr--They also exempt themselves from most laws so they never have to live by their poorly written ideas. Barney Frank isn't running again due to redistricting (from what I heard).