Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Again with the hypocrisy (and lying)

So, the Obama's are traveling Hawaii and Asia--nice time of the year to get out of the coming cold and wander the world.  Not like there's a budget/economic/job crisis or anything.  Between luau's, Obama is calling the people of the United States 'lazy' and MEchelle is mooing about arugula and steak being 'her favorites'.  Except really, her favorite food is french fries.  But when you're trying to establish control over the eating habits of a country (starting with the children, you'll note in the article), you can't go around touting the benefits of a bunch of deep fried potatoes loaded with salt.

It's interesting to note that while MEchelle is touting the benefits of healthy food and locally grown produce, the USDA as well as the FDA, under the aegis of her loutish husband is pulling crap like this.....  Local health departments are following suit with raids like this....  It's all about the control.  Not about the nutrition or the food.

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